Friday, February 11, 2011

New Stuff 2011 - Pt. 3

Dirtbombs - Party Store CD (In the Red Records) :  Grungy garage rockers put out an album of techno covers as a shout-out to their home town of Detroit (where was their Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl?).  Did not know what to expect going in, but it turns our that garage + techno = something damn close to Kraut Rock.  Hypnotic, repetitious, groovy.  Perfect late night driving music.
The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts CD (Memphis Industries) : I've got a soft spot for these guys and gals after getting caught unawares by the giddy fun of their live show at SXSW a few years ago.  And they're a regular fixture in our house thanks to their presence on the Little Big Planet soundtrack.  Full length #3 doesn't stray far from their trademark good time sound -- goofy samples, cheerleader chants, kitchen sink production.  Exhausting over time but most excellent in small doses.
The Green Hornet - Directed by Michel Gondry (A Columbia Pictures release) : More in line with the jokey wink-wink action of the Iron Man series as opposed to silly solemnity typical of the Dark Knight series.  But Seth Green is no Robert Downey Jr. and the film goes on for at least 20 minutes too long.  Another by-committee film where a little of everything is thrown in in an attempt to appeal to everyone.  Instead you walk out wondering what anyone involved was thinking.

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