Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Stuff 2011 - Pt.1

New year, time to try something new.  I'm going to attempt to use this blog to not just to collect my reviews, but also detail my consumption of music, films, books, etc.  I'll shoot to update this once a week or so.

First up, some new music purchased at Long in the Tooth
Soul Asylum - And the Horse They Rode In On (A&M CD)
Jim Sullivan - U.F.O (Light in the Attic CD)

The Band - Rock of Ages (Capitol CD - 2 disc re-issue)
Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel (No Idea CD)

Notes : I bought the Soul Asylum and Band CDs used in an effort to fill in some holes in my collection (I have pretty beat up vinyl copies of both records).  I never got around to buying the new Leatherface CD after seeing the band live last year, but they were terrific and so is the record.  The Jim Sullivan was a shot-in-the-dark based on a recommendation from a friend.  His sad, bizarre story can be read here.  Initial listen reminds me a bit of Rodriguez, another early '70s artifact dug up by the fine folks at Light in the Attic. Perhaps a bit more Easy Listening, but in the right frame of mind I can get behind that.  A.M. Gold, so to speak.

Give a listen to the title track:
 Jim Sullivan - U.F.O. by scanny

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